Inability to pay for veterinary services is the most common reason care is denied to companion animals. Because St. Paul Pet Hospital takes your pet’s care seriously, we want you to have every possible choice in payments and budgeting options. Our different Wellness Plans offer pets an entire year of care through monthly payments. This unique approach is not only more convenient for budgeting, but it also allows your pet access to the highest level of preventative care.

Clients save between 30-60% on preventative care
• Monthly auto billing makes payments easy
• More affordable care = more veterinary services = better care for your pet

Your Wellness Plan is a non-transferable package that includes only the services listed. Prescription medications and send-home medications are not banner



Under 12 Months Plans

cat-under-12months-cathedral cat-under-12months-capitol

Over 12 Months Plans

cat-over-12months-cathedral cat-over-12months-capitol


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