At St. Paul Pet Hospital, we use state-of-the-art Fuji Film digital x-ray equipment to get the best possible pictures of the inner workings of your pet.

How X-rays Work:

X-rays allow our doctors to immediately see bones, joints, and vital organs not otherwise visible, which means a more accurate diagnosis for your pet. It is sometimes necessary to sedate an animal to get a good quality x-ray; however, we consider sedation our last resort in getting X-rays. Digital X-rays St. Paul Pet Hospital utilizes an advanced digital processing system that allows direct uploading to a computer display for immediate viewing.

Why Digital X-rays?

  • Higher quality pictures
  • Instant development
  • Easy enlargement of specific areas
  • Faster, easier, less stressful event for you and your pet
  • Faster response when referring images to a specialist
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