As fellow animal lovers, doctors, and pet owners ourselves, we understand the unique relationship that develops between people and their pets. We have felt the pain of losing a beloved pet–the grief you feel is the same as if you had lost a human friend.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible in this incredibly stressful time.

The dreaded trip to the vet and awkward feeling can easily be avoided through our at home services. At Home Euthanasia allows our families and patients to relax in those final moments in the comfort of their homes.    Dr. Ruhland and Dr. Lecheler take pride in giving our patients those lasting memories with their families which is why this option is so popular among our clients.

St Paul Pet Hospital also offers cremation services.  Our staff will ask when making preparations for your visit and you can choose to have ashes returned to you or no ashes, again, your choice. When the time comes please feel free to call our hospital to talk to a veterinarian about your particular pet.   We are here for you. 651-789-6275

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