Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

Spring, summer, anscratching himself dog outside in green gardend fall bring all kinds of pollens, molds, and other particles that can irritate pets genetically predisposed to having allergies. Pets can develop allergies from their diet, from fleas or other parasites, or from their environment during a certain season. At St. Paul Pet Hospital, we encourage pet owners to be mindful of their pets’ behavior and look for signs of allergies. These include:

  • Constant chewing/licking of feet
  • Chewing/licking at other areas
  • Hair/fur loss
  • Constant scratching
  • Red, raw patches of skin
  • Ears giving off terrible odor
  • Dandruff
  • Rubbing at face and ears

Atopy in Pets

Atopy, or environmental allergies, causes seasonal periods of itching that, over time, increase in duration and affect pets throughout most of the year. Naturally, this results in a near-constant cycle of itchiness that leaves many pets miserable. Constant scratching and licking at the affected areas can lead to skin infections, and make the problem seem to be virtually without end. Fortunately, atopy can be managed at any stage, though the earlier it’s detected, the better.


Treating Your Pet’s Atopy

Beagle lying in bed with his sleeping ownerAtopy can manifest early in pets; usually between the ages of 1 and 3. While this condition cannot be fully treated, its symptoms can be managed by maintaining frequent communication with your veterinarian and closely monitoring your pet. Cortisone-type medications tend to produce the most desired effect in reducing itchiness; these include:

  • Prednisone
  • Depo-Medrol
  • Dexamethasone

We can also prescribe cytokine inhibitors like Apoquel to soothe your pet’s itching, and cooling shampoos to remove allergens. The key to long-term management of your pet’s atopy is persistence, regular communication with your veterinarian, and careful monitoring. At the earliest sign of itching in your pet, contact us right away—otherwise, their symptoms will only get worse. Your pet deserves to be comfortable and happy all year-round, and we can provide them with much-needed relief with our pet allergy services. If you suspect your pet is suffering from allergies, call us today at (651) 789-6275.

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